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GBT survivors who served in the Syrian military were subject to rape and other forms of sexual violence by other army members and in military prisons. This is often due to lack of funding and personnel trained to respond to their specific needs. Conduct prompt, thorough, and objective snd into allegations of arbitrary detention, use of torture, enforced disappearances, and deaths in custody, and bring the perpetrators to justice.

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However, existing services within gender-based violence GBV and child protection are focused almost exclusively on responding to the needs of women and girls and very little attention is paid to the needs of men and boys. Rape was committed by adults in the prison and the rest of the violence by guards. The room was full of men.

They rape you just to see you suffering, shouting. Insix homosexual men were beaten viciously with electric cables by security agents and threatened with rape.

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They may or may not take steps to physically alter their bodies, such as undergoing hormone replacement therapy HRT or sex reasment surgery SRS. I was in the prison until 17 years old—late This is what they like to see.

Due to the sexual violence they have been subjected to, survivors may also suffer from physical traumas, including severe pain in their rectum and genitals, rectal bleeding, and muscle pain, and may have sexually transmitted infections STIsincluding HIV. My boyfriend was thrown from a high building by ISIS. Not by one person but by many.

Then they started taking off their shirts. Some of them touched me. Interviewees believed that perpetrators increased or intensified the violence once they learned that the interviewees were gay, bisexual, or transgender.

Recommendations To the United Nations Security Council Ensure full implementation of Resolution and subsequent resolutions on conflict-related violence, especially Resolution After spending a few years in Sednaya prison she was transferred to Hama Central Prison after the conflict started inwhere other detainees raped her multiple times. If you are LGBT you bring shame to the family and you should be killed.

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While many of the Syrian survivors interviewed by Human Rights Watch have also experienced sexual violence in Lebanon, we did not include those incidents in this report. My friend had a personal experience with that. It is the same routine that applied on everybody just for being hor or trans.

However, we have included them because they were perceived as effeminate men, or gay men, and subject to sexual violence on that basis. Some of them lifted me up and tore my clothes apart. Interviews in Lebanon were in-person, while those with resettled individuals took place over Skype.

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Therefore, crimes that amounts to torture should be labelled as such. International donors, including the European Union, should urgently hpt resources for tailored medical, psychological and social support programs in Lebanon for men and boys, trans women, and non-binary survivors of sexual violence, without diverting funding from services for women and girls, which is already very scarce.

I was afraid of them all. We have been here in Lebanon because they not only raped us, they also raped our land and dignity. To see you are humiliated.

Yousef told Human Rights Watch he heard from his friend while in detention that he was also being raped regularly. They were of course raping us with sticks.

We also conducted interviews with 20 caseworkers and representatives of humanitarian organizations operating in Lebanon. The explicit recognition and documentation of CRSV against men and boys as sexual violence is an important step to ensure provision of services tailored to the needs of all survivors of sexual violence.

Men and boys, transgender women, and non-binary survivors of sexual violence told Human Rights Watch that they did not seek any medical or mental health services in Syria for a range of reasons, including shame, fear of stigma, and a lack of trust in the health care system. Especially in the collective bathroom I had to act extra like a man.

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ane Scholars argue for more gender-inclusive formulations of conflict related sexual violence, and a more nuanced understanding of gendered power dynamics. Disempowerment of the community is again had through the dominance over its male members.

They use you as an object; but even more than [they do to] girls because we are guys and acting like girls. The report finds that men and boys, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, are vulnerable to sexual violence in the context of the Syrian conflict.